Wildwood Project Enters Final Phase

Since last August, Wagner Construction has been working diligently on a major project in Wildwood to do a site expansion for a customer.

We’ve done a lot of work on this project so far, including:

  • Grading the site
  • Installing a storm water system
  • Putting in lighting throughout the yard
  • Pouring 220,000 square feet of concrete paving
  • Moving a 5-acre retention pond
  • Doing fresh landscaping, including planting 211 crape myrtles, 166 live oaks, 238 Podocarpus hedges, and 3 acres of sod

Now, we’re proud to announce we’re entering the final phase of construction on this project. Below are some photos showing how the project is looking as we approach the final stretch. 

Currently, we’re starting the foundations of a 22,000-square-foot open-air Butler Manufacturing metal roof structure that will be used for material storage. It will be separated with a two-hour firewall, alleviating the need for a fire sprinkler system in the building. 

We’re also starting construction of a 1,200 linear foot fire line. Once finished, this will provide a connection point for the fire department to provide fire suppression. For extra security, we’ll also be installing fencing and a video surveillance system once the project is completed. We’ll also be installing Wi-Fi access throughout the outdoor area, which will be able to be accessed for the client’s inventory management system. This will allow them to search inventory and keep counts updated and accurate. 

This has been a major project, and we’re excited to see the final result as we approach the end of construction. We specialize in large projects like these throughout Central and North Central Florida. No matter how big or how small the job is, we always get it done right. Have a project you need done? Contact us to learn more!

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