5 Innovative Materials Perfect for Florida Construction

Florida’s climate poses unique challenges for construction. Hot, humid summers, powerful hurricanes, and more mean that using the right materials can make a big difference in the durability and efficiency of construction. In this article, the Wagner team will take a closer look at some innovative building materials that are perfect for the Florida climate.

Materials That Withstand Florida’s Climate

1. Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated concrete forms, or ICFs, use forms made of foam insulation that are filled with reinforced concrete. This makes them extremely durable to withstand high winds and hurricanes, and energy efficient to help reduce air conditioning costs. 

2. Cool Roofing Materials

A variety of materials and treatments can be used to help a roof reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat, such as reflective tiles, coatings, and special membranes. These reduce cooling costs in the hot Florida summer, helping to curb energy costs. 

3. Synthetic Decking

Traditional wood decking  is prone to rotting, warping, and other issues due to the hot, humid Florida climate. Synthetic materials like composites and PVC make for an innovative alternative that not only withstands moisture, fading, and mold growth, but also requires less maintenance. 

4. Fiber Cement Siding

Traditional siding materials, like wood, can be damaged by the humidity, leading to rot. Fiber cement siding is the ideal alternative. It is a composite material that reinforces cement with cellulose fibers, and it is able to withstand high humidity, impacts, termite infestation, and even fire. 

5. Low E Glass

Low-emissivity, or Low-E, glass is a form of glass that uses special coatings that minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that passes through, keeping a home cool without reducing the amount of light that comes in. 

Get Innovation in Construction with Wagner

Construction in Florida requires the knowledge of how to construct buildings that are able to stand up to the challenges of the Sunshine State — from high humidity to mighty hurricanes and more. That’s why you want to work with professionals who have years of experience right here in North Central Florida, like Wagner Construction. Contact us today to see what we can do for you. 
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