Learn why we are the one partner you need.


Utilize Wagner’s experience putting pen to paper on location, design, construction features, budget, and ownership options.

Site Selection

Site selection is critical to a successful development. Wagner will evaluate available sites based on zoning and use applications, environmental conditions, expansion, remodel, new construction and build to suit to lease.

Building Features

Determine building features and construction materials, which effect the functionality and the structures lifespan. Wagner respects customers budget constraints with value added features and use of Butler Manufacturing to provide the best Total Cost of Ownership.


Wagner as a sole partner will be able to provide a turnkey construction project in a guaranteed fixed price that covers the entire design and construction process.

Wagner Purchase or Build to Suit to Lease

One Partner with Wagner allows you the option to stay in your current facility with updated improvements or build new to suit your business needs with flexible lease terms. This one point of contact streamlines the design and building process with the investment of Wagner.


Access to the latest design modeling programs will provide the most efficient way to meet a project budget with open communication during each stage. Wagner collaborates with multiple different architects and engineers based on the specialty of each project.


Planning, coordination and design come together as the project starts to go vertical. Wagner uses long term sub-contractor relationships to maintain integrity and quality, while compressed scheduling to streamline the delivery of the building.


Providing the best possible ways for efficient and effective total cost of ownership, and forward thinking with master plans for future growth. Construction stage incorporates easy expandable options with functional solutions to operate in a building for the use of the client and beyond.

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