Raising the Roof for Regions Facility Services in Brooksville

Last September, Wagner Construction started a project to create a new 22,000-sqare-foot facility for Regions Facility Services in Brooksville. The facility is being made with a Butler Manufacturing metal building. Now, just a few months from the project’s expected completion date, we’re giving you a sneak peek at our progress!  

Currently, we’re installing the roof system for the building, using a Butler MR-24 Roof Panel. This is a standing-seam metal roof system that provides superior protection and weathertight performance that can save up to 90% on roof maintenance costs. It’s specifically designed with movable clips to accommodate roof movement in changing temperatures. We enjoy working with this particular panel because the factory-punched panels and structural members ensure proper alignment and accurate installation. (Of course, it helps when you have the pros here at Wagner Construction doing the install!)

Here, we have an aerial photo that shows the state of the building before we started on the roof. In the second picture, you can see our current progress on the roof from the outside, while the third picture gives a look from inside the building. 

We’ve also installed two side walls, which you can see in the photos above. In the interior pictures, you can also see the insulation system. These are built with a Butler Shadowall wall system. It provides superior protection and thermal performance, as well as being aesthetically pleasing and providing life cycle cost savings. Its semi-concealed fasters come in a variety of options, meaning you can find what your specific project calls for, and it accommodates 6 inches of blanket insulation.

We’re still on track to finish in mid-April, and we can’t wait to show you even more photos as we approach the completion date!

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