Wagner Creating New Facility for Regions Facility Services in Brooksville

At Wagner Construction, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality comprehensive
construction services for a variety of different projects, big and small. Our latest project is a
custom design build for Regions Facility Services in Brooksville. They’re a trusted leader in the
facilities industry, providing a variety of services, including renovations, repairs, and more.

We’re building them a new, 22,000-square-foot facility able to accommodate two tenants with
11,000 square feet each. One side will have the office and warehouse built out, while the other
side will be for lease.

The facility will be made with a Butler metal building, with 8-foot block walls at the exterior.
Below you can see some pictures showing our progress on the project so far.

We broke ground in mid-September, and we expect to finish by the middle of April next year.
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