Navigating Hurricane Season: Tips for Construction Site Safety in Central Florida

Hurricane season is rapidly approaching, running from June 1 to November 30 each year. This year, Accuweather is predicting an active and “potentially explosive” Atlantic hurricane season with 20-25 storms total. With such an intense season on the horizon, it’s important for everybody to take proper precautions, including those of us in the construction industry.

As a business in North Central Florida, Wagner Construction is experienced when it comes to storm preparations. Here are four steps we take on our own sites to ensure a construction site is safe for hurricane season. 

Preparation Is Key

1. Have an Emergency Plan
Step one of hurricane preparedness is to have an emergency plan. This plan should include things like:

  • Conditions that activate the plan
  • The chain of command
  • Emergency functions and who is responsible for them
  • Specific evacuation procedures, such as routes and exits
  • Steps to take for protecting and securing the site
  • A team of key personnel who will make decisions during the storm
  • Emergency contact info for all team members
  • A post-disaster plan for site response and recovery

2. Keep a Close Eye on the Weather
Storm conditions can change rapidly, sometimes defying all forecasts. To stay on top of these sudden changes, you should check forecasts frequently, using resources like the National Hurricane Center website.

3. Secure the Job Site
Ensure the job site is secured and prepared by doing things like taking inventory of all materials and equipment, using sandbags, anchors, and rope to tie down materials, and securing the structure by boarding up doors and windows. 

4. Don’t Wait to Evacuate the Job Site
Keep a close eye on local advisories and ensure team members have ample time to evacuate if needed. Ensure you have a strike team ready who will serve as points of contact and decision makers. 

Keep Yourself Safe This Hurricane Season

When hurricane season rolls around, it’s essential to keep yourself and your job site safe. Make sure you and your team are prepared ahead of time, so that when a storm is heading your way, you have a plan in place. Looking for a commercial construction company in Central Florida that prioritizes safety and quality work? Contact Wagner today to learn more. 

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