Regions Ten Project in Brooksville Edges Closer to Completion

At Wagner Construction, we provide a wide range of construction services to Central and North Central Florida. One of our specialties is erecting pre-engineered metal buildings, or PEMBs. When you build a PEMB, the building is pre-fabricated off site then delivered to you ready for assembly. This saves money and reduces waste. 

This week, we’re featuring a project we did to build a PEMB for Regions Ten in Brooksville. They’ll be operating out of 12,000 square feet of the building, and the remaining 12,000 square feet will be available for rent. The PEMB is made by Butler Manufacturing.

Let’s take a look at our progress on the project so far. 

First up we have the exterior of the front of the building. Here, we’ve laid an 8-foot block wall, with the metal building finishing out the top portion of the building. To give the front facade some curb appeal, we ran horizontal sheets at each end of the building, which you can see in the second picture. From here, the next step will be to paint the block and finish the site. 

Next up is the interior of the metal building, with the first picture showing the fire wall. We installed the firewall between the owner’s space and the renter’s space to ensure the building is up to code. The first picture also shows the primary and secondary framing of the Butler PEMB.

The second picture shows the inside facing toward the front of the building. Here, you can see the light let in by the storefront glass windows and door. 

These pictures show the clean lines on the back and sides of the building. 

We started this project with the foundation in early October 2023. We’re excited with the progress made so far, and we expect to finish by the middle of April this year.

No matter how big or small the project, Wagner always provides the highest quality work and the quickest turnarounds. Be on the lookout for more updates as we get closer to completion! 

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