Phase 1 of Ten-8 Fire and Safety Inc. Remodel Complete

At Wagner Construction, we love to see projects come together, and this is an excellent example of that. In early February, we shared with you a project we had just started — a gut and remodel for Bradenton’s Ten-8 Fire and Safety Inc

Phase 1 of this project involved remodeling the outer office space. It will be closed off from the rest of the building so staff members can continue their work while Phase 2 of the remodel is ongoing. Phase 1 is mostly furnished, and administrative personnel can begin moving in May 10. 

For Phase 2, we are grinding and polishing the floors of the new training room, which was originally two rooms. We demolished the wall between them to make it a single room, and now we’ll be fixing the acoustical ceiling, patching drywall, and prepping the room to receive new dimmable LED light fixtures and a 98” TV. 

The clients determined they needed an additional larger office, so we demolished the adjoining wall and closed up the extra wall to create it and fixed the ceiling. We also remodeled a standard office with new flooring, paint, and lights. 

We reinforced the knee walls in the lobby with pony supports, as well as adding reinforcement walls and running electric and ethernet to prepare for new TVs.

We also demolished and recessed the wall of one of the front restrooms to make room for a coffee bar, as well as running electric for it. The restroom will be completely refitted to be ADA compliant. 

Next, we framed the entrance for the COO’s new office, complete with a new 4’ tall, 6’ wide window into the main lobby. We put in new flooring, paint, and lighting, and ran electric and ethernet for a TV.

Additionally, we put in new flooring, paint, and lights in the hallways and finished with a fresh coat of paint for the doors. 

Our next step is to prepare for the installation of the new TVs, remove concrete so we can work on plumbing, and preparing the area outside the entrance for a new lighted flagpole. 

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