4 Construction Trends We’re Watching in 2024

At Wagner Construction, we always stay on top of the latest trends in construction so that we can provide the highest quality construction services, no matter what the future holds. With the second month of the year coming to a close, 2024 is already shaping up to be an interesting year for construction in North Central Florida. Here are some of the trends we’re watching this year. 

Worker Shortages

While demand for construction services has seen a significant increase in recent years, the supply of workers hasn’t kept up. A study from Associated General Contractors of America found that 91% of construction firms are currently having a hard time finding workers. 

Supply Chain Issues

The cost and availability of construction materials is not a new issue, and it will continue to slow things down in 2024. However, there are signs of this issue stabilizing this year. 

New Technologies

2024 is a big year in technology, particularly in the construction space. This year, we’re expecting to see the rise of things like:

  • Increased utilization of 3D printing technology in construction
  • The use of new construction materials like Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC)
  • The use of drones and robots for dangerous tasks
  • Increased use of AI and automation for reducing labor intensive tasks

Sustainable Construction

Sustainability has been a major topic of discussion for years now, and 2024 is no different. When it comes to new construction, many companies want buildings that have energy-saving measures, sustainable materials, and plenty of greenery. 

Stay on Top of 2024 With Wagner Construction

No matter what 2024 brings, one thing is sure to stay the same: the quality of our construction services. Whatever you need built here in Central Florida, from office space to assembly facilities and more, Wagner Construction has you covered. Contact us to learn more!

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